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USSF Referee Grades Explained - Referees | US Youth Soccer

Grade 1 Referees: Referees who officiate in the World Cup and international matches are designated as Grade 1. Grade 2 Referees: Assistant Referees to Grade 1 Referees are designated as Grade 2. Grade 3 and 4 Referees: In the United States, competition at the national level (including professional soccer and MLS) requires Grade 3 or 4. Grade 3 indicates the referee's readiness to be considered for international service.

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Referee Grades

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Referee Grades. To provide uniform standards for soccer officials, the following grades have been established and supersede any and all other levels so that uniform and comparative grading exists throughout the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program. The purpose of the Grassroots Referee Course is to prepare officials for the competitive and recreational youth game.

Referee Grade and Assignment Levels - oslrg

THERE IS A WIDE RANGE OF GRADE LEVELS: 1-11. USSF has 11 levels, where the level 1 is THE HIGHEST LEVEL- a FIFA Referee where they can officiate all International and Professional matches, down to Level 11, which is a youth assistant level referee able to accept assistant referee assignments on youth games only.

USSF Referee Levels Explained – Oregon Referee Committee

Formerly Grades 5 & 6. U.S. Soccer Regional Referees are qualified to officiate competitive ...

USSF Referee Grades | msra

Grade 1 - FIFA Referee - PRO Grade 2 - FIFA Assistant Referee - PRO Grade 3 - National Referee - NATIONAL Grade 4 - National Assistant Referee - NATIONAL Grade 5 - State Referee - REGIONAL/NATIONAL CANDIDATE Grade 6 - State Referee - REGIONAL Grade 7 - Amateur Adult Referee - GRASSROOTS Grade 8 - Competitive Youth Referee - GRASSROOTS Grade 13 - Emeritus National Referee - Grade 15 - Emeritus State Referee

Referee Grades - Massachusetts State Referee Committee

Grade 6 Referees: The highest level of Adult competition within a state (Division 1 and 2) requires a Grade 6. Grade 7 Referees: Grade 7 is an experienced referee in the state qualified to officiate all but the highest levels of amateur soccer. Grade 8 Referees: Grade 8 is the entry level for new referees aged 14 and older. Once certified, these referees can expect to be working competitive or recreational games in Youth or Adult Leagues and Tournaments depending on the age of the referee ...

Five Things To Know About The New Referee Pathway

Grade 5 and 6 referees will become Regional referees. Grade 3 and 4 referees will now be National referees while Grade 1 and 2 referees will be FIFA Referees.

Referee Certification Requirements Grades 13 and 15

U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program Referee Certification Requirements Grades 13 and 15 July 2016 State Referee Association Standards Where provided, U.S. Soccer expects State Referees Associations to establish requirements that best support the needs of the local competitions and the referees servicing them. This means that