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Soccer in the trenches: Remembering the WWI Christmas Truce

During WWI, Brits and Germans played soccer in the trenches, a Christmas truce that reminds us: war is war, and soccer is something much better.

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A British general is about to kick off a friendly football match between the British and Italian troops on the Italian Front in 1917. Courtesy Imperial War Museum via Open University. 1918. The ...

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The history of soccer in the First World War — which began in earnest 100 years ago this month — is a history of two worlds in unresolvable tension. It’s the story of a failed metaphor. Soccer was everywhere during the war, played by soldiers and sailors, played by women working in munitions factories and by men in prison camps.

Sports during WW1 - Sports Impact on World War 1

The one specific event that took place during the war was the famous soccer game played during the Christmas truce of 1914 between the allies and Central powers. The game took place during the Christmas Truce of 1914 when both sides met in “no mans land”, which was a safe zone where both sides could come together and treat everyone with respect. This soccer game shows that sports have had a great impact on everyone around and has brought people together for centuries.

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The football match during the 1914 Christmas truce has become one of the most iconic moments of the First World War. But there is still some debate about whether football really featured in the truce. Here, Professor Mark Connelly from the University of Kent, and Taff Gillingham, a military historian who worked on a 1914 advert for supermarket Sainsbury's, share their verdicts….

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World War I Centenary To Be Marked by Recreation of Christmas Day Soccer Match. The historic Christmas Day soccer match between British and German troops in 1914 is set to be recreated next year...

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German and British soldiers played soccer and exchanged gifts during a brief truce on Christmas Day in the first year of World War I. David Mikkelson. Published 24 December 2003. Share on Facebook...

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The Football War was a brief war fought between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. Existing tensions between the two countries coincided with rioting during a 1970 FIFA World Cup qualifier. The war began on 14 July 1969, when the Salvadoran military launched an attack against Honduras. The Organization of American States negotiated a cease-fire on the night of 18 July, which took full effect on 20 July. Salvadoran troops were withdrawn in early August.