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5 Agility & Footwork Drill for tennis players that need no ...

The exercises are: 1) Spider 3 - 4 sets 2) Lateral Sprint Twice each direction, 3-4 sets 3) Star Drill 3-4 sets 4) Mirror Drill 10 seconds each, 3 sets each 5) Zig Zag 2-3 sets down and back BONUS Partner Square Drill 6 calls each, 4 sets each If you have any questions please leave a question below and if you haven't seen Justin's 5 Essential Core exercises for Tennis players check them out here

Tennis Footwork Workout At Home (No Equipment) - YouTube

Enjoy this tennis workout at home to help you improve your footwork and speed with no equipment! All you need is a small space to work and two objects. This ...

5 Agility & Footwork Drill for tennis players that need no ...

IMG's Coach Justin Russ has put together 5 agility and footwork drills to help you improve your movement. Justin works with some of the worlds top Juniors an...

5 Easy Ladder Footwork Drills for Tennis + Video | Agility ...

‘One Step’ is the easiest of these ladder footwork drills for tennis. Start facing forward with the ladder in front of you and your feet staggered, i.e., one foot forward and the other behind. Bring your back foot forward and step over the first rung into the first square and continue stepping forward with your opposite foot over the next rung repeating for each square down the ladder.

10 Fun Tennis Drills You Can Practice Without A Court

For this drill, you’ll need a wall, a racket, and a tennis ball. Simply go to a wall and practice all your strokes. Here is how I practice on the wall, which is typically a 25-minute session. 5 minutes of forehand groundstrokes (topspin) 5 minutes of backhand groundstrokes (topspin) 3 minutes of forehand slice.

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Here are some drills you can do to help improve your footwork. Line Drills. Start at either corner of the court, where the doubles line and baseline intersect. Sprint from one side of the baseline to the other. Once at the corner, turn towards the net and sprint along the doubles line and touch the net.

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There is no specific equipment for tennis footwork drills; the same equipment used to play tennis can be used. But to be more specific with the exercises, the following equipment can be acquired: Agility Ladder and Speed Cones

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Grab a Ladder because we are about to climb up in tennis ranks. The first footwork drill we have for you uses an agility ladder, doing this drills will definitely help you improve foot speed. For these footwork drills you do need equipment, the agility ladder, but if you do not have one you can make boxes using a piece of chalk.