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Why in tennis, when the tennis ball hits the net, is it called "let"? Originally Answered: Why is it called ‘LET’ and not ‘net’ in tennis? There used to be an official called the ‘net umpire’ who sat in front of the umpires’ s chair with his eyes closed and a finger touching the net cord whose job it was to say if the ball had touched the net on service.

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Net court umpire: Rarely seen today, there used to be an umpire sitting at the net to call any ball that hit the net during service called a “net court” or “let”. If a ball hits the net during a serve then the server is asked to replay that shot again if the ball lands in or to play their next serve if it has landed out.

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WTA umpire; Officiated the 2014 Wimbledon Women's Singles final, the 2015 US Open Women's final, the Women's Singles final at the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2018 Wimbledon Men's Singles semifinal between Kevin Anderson and John Isner (the second longest singles tennis match). Umpired Wimbledon Women's Doubles final 2017.

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Let in Tennis | Definition, History, and FAQs

In professional tennis, the service let is monitored by an umpire with the help of electronic sensors placed on the net. If the service let occurs on the first serve, players should replay the entire point. However, if it happens on the second serve, the server only receives one additional serve.

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In professional-level tennis, an umpire is the one who calls “let.” In a casual match-up, the players can either designate a third party or agree that both players should agree on a call. You can also assign a “no-let” rule in a casual match , where no lets can be called in the game.

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The Australian Open paid $375 (AUD) in 2011, and they are the only Grand Slam to offer overtime for umpires officiating over 10 hours per day. So the day rate now should be around $750 (AUD) ($536) plus overtime. So if you worked a fulll US Open with 1 day off, you walked away with $5850 after two weeks work.