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Setting Drills to Train Proper Technique and Eliminate Bad ...

1. Train Proper Footwork To ensure better location, we want to make sure there is a transfer of weight or step from left... 2. Draw the hands from too low We want players to draw their hands to their foreheads (Beginner) or even higher... 3. Follow through with hands away from target

5 Volleyball Setting Drills | ACTIVE

After person sets ball, move forward three steps. Stay there until after partner passes ball, move to ball and set again. Drill #2 Take three steps backward after you set ball, and move your feet to get under the ball. Long Distance Sets. DRILL DESCRIPTION: Two partners face each other from a distance of 20 feet and set the ball back and forth.

5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate ...

5 Volleyball Setting Drills to Develop Strong and Accurate Sets 1. Setting the Fan. The setter will set balls coming from different angles in the back row after squaring to the target. 2. Catch it in the Cone. The setter attempts to catch a tennis ball in a small cone above her or his forehead. ...

Volleyball Setting Drills 5 Coaches Help You To Improve ...

In this video Alisha talks about how easy the "catch and release" contact of the ball during your setting technique should be. Watch as she demonstarates an "easy-to-do" at-home floor drill which aims to help you improve your setting form . If you're looking for volleyball setting drills to do at home, the second suggestion focuses on wall drills which I highly recommend doing.

Setting Volleyball Drills To Do At Home To Improve Setting ...

In the call and response partner setting drills I make the following calls so players can incorporate the jump set in these setting volleyball drills. "Set a "1" to yourself and "jump set a 4" to your partner." Set a "4" to yourself and "back set a 5" to your partner.

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Volleyball Setting Drills - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball Setting Drills Whether you need to work on your setter's technique, vision, accuracy or connection with the hitters, you'll find all of the volleyball setter drills you need to master the skill of setting.

28 Volleyball Drills to Improve Your Team’s Offense and ...

Rapid Fire. Passers are the first ones to touch the ball when it’s traveling over the net which, in turn, determines how their team controls the ball in their court. This is why passing drills are important. They build up muscle memory and solidify your team’s coordination on how you prepare for an attack.

Volleyball Set Tips for Improving Your Setting

Contacting the ball. The fingers are the only part of your hand that touches the ball, never the palms. Your thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers are what you use with your wrists to catch and push the ball. The little fingers and ring finger just give you extra control when setting.