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GENERAL TERMS: Ace-punta directo: Ball-in: balón bueno: Ball out-balón fuera: Beach volleyball-voley-playa: Block out-bloquero fuera: Dig-pase de mano baja: Dive-plancha: Hit-golpeo: Match-point-punto de partido: Power service-saque en mate: Screen-pantalla: Set-juego: Sky service-saque en suspensión: Tie-break-desempate: Setting-pase de colocación: Serving the volleyball-

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In this sense, learning volleyball terms in Spanish expands your vocabulary, just as ...

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com/spanish/146-spanish-volleyball-terms/ Attack Ataque Bench - Banco o Banquillo Block Bloqueo Court Cancha Defense Defensa Error - Error o Fallo Formation/rotation Rotacin Line Linea Line judge - Juez de linea Match Partido Middle blocker Central Net - Red (net touch -Toque de red) Opposite Opuesta Outside hitter - Atacante o Rematadora por 4 Point Punto Referee Arbitro Serve Servicio Reception Recepcin Set Colocacin Set Set Setter Colocadora Starter Titular Substitutes Suplentes ...

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do you know the rules of volleyball. Los jugadores de voleibol juegan en el barquito. Volleyball players play on a small boat. cancha de voleibol. volleyball court. hay una cancha de voleibol en la playa. there's a volleyball court on the beach. jugar voleibol. to play volleyball.

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Nos gusta jugar al voleibol los fines de semana. b. el vóleibol. (m) means that a noun is masculine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (M) We went to Ipanema to play volleyball.Fuimos a Ipanema a jugar al vóleibol. c. el balonvolea.